Ande yo caliente y ríase de mi la gente!


Get ready for a Black and White Christmas!


Things that worth!

One single smile from this little Being is enough to compensate those exhausting-long hours, days, weeks, months of looking after my beautiful Angel!IMG_0893

Pop & Poppet


Shockheaded Peter

One of those books that every Decent Family “must to have”



When the children have been good,
That is, be it understood,
Good at meal-times, good at play,
Good all night and good all day—
They shall have the pretty things
Merry Christmas always brings.

Naughty, romping girls and boys
Tear their clothes and make a noise,
Spoil their pinafores and frocks,
And deserve no Christmas-box.
Such as these shall never look
At this pretty Picture-book.

Big changes occur on big dates!

One day a little voice told me: it’s time to move on,
Then I got rid of all my stuff, home, family, partner, books, cat, jeep, clothes, everything.
A couple of months later, I found myself walking on Harbour Bridge to Milsons Point in Australia.
Months later I found my place in New Zealand, living in a house with the number 111.
The other day when I check my Passport I realised that my entry to Nz was on November the 11th of 2011, ie 11-11-11.

Kemelyen takes Lilit out for a walk …a very long walk!

Having a break at Madrid
Having a break at Madrid

The best Coffee Assistant

Mr. Coffee Bean.

Mr Coffee Bean
Well Toasted!

Buenos días Mr. Coffee!

I can’t understand when some people say that coffee is stimulant.
To me, the most relaxing time is early in the morning, when i’m reading sitting on the bench at the balcony drinking my coffee.

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